The End of an Era… or something – AKA #Blaugust Day 31

As I sit here staring at my blank screen before writing my final Blaugust 2015 post, I find myself a bit at a loss. Yeah, that’s nothing new really. I find myself at a loss a LOT. Seriously, I don’t know how i’ve managed to churn out 31 of these things, i never know what to say. I don’t think you guys understand just how arbitrary it is.

Anyway. I had planned on doing something profound about why I decided to join Blaugust this year, and how it’s changed how I think about blogging, but I’m not even sure that’s entirely true. I’ve already mentioned that for the next week I most likely won’t be blogging because i’ll be out of state. Chances are, if I DO blog, it’ll be short and typo-laden because it’s going to be on my tablet. I think I made a post from my tablet a couple weeks ago, and i’m surprised that it came out as clearly as it did. I’m getting sidetracked though. The point is that while Blaugust has been a fun experiment, and I CERTAINLY don’t regret doing it at all, I’m not really sure it’s changed how I feel about blogging as a whole. That is to say, it didn’t change how I feel about it because before doing this I didn’t really HAVE any feelings about it. Blogging was just one of those things that I used to do, because it seemed like EVERYONE I knew was doing it (and man they totally were too), so I thought i’d get in on the action. I got in it for the wrong reasons, ended with the wrong mindset, and my old blog just faded away with a whimper because I didn’t like what it had really become.

This is a different case though. I may not always play World of Warcraft in the future, but I will ALWAYS play games, and my identity will constantly evolve, because I constantly evolve as a person. That’s kind of what made me decide to name this blog what I did. Who am I? What do I want the world to know about Achloryn? Well, I am a gamer. That’s been a big part of my identity for a long time now. I can mark a very real change in how I lived my life as a whole when I finally embraced that side of myself. Funnily enough, now it’s my “outside” life that I tend to keep closed off, but only from the internet. But of course, that’s just a safety measure. Not cause I think any of you readers are lunatics who would stop by my apartment and ruffle through my garbage or anything like that… (right?)

Anyway, with Blaugust now behind us I can settle into a blogging schedule (or lack thereof) that i’m more comfortable. I really strained myself at times to get 31 posts in 31 days up, but I am also glad I did it. If nothing else, participating in Blaugust has introduced me to a few interesting people, and that’s good enough for me. See you guys next week 😀


4 thoughts on “The End of an Era… or something – AKA #Blaugust Day 31

  1. I am totally going to stop by your house and root through your garbage. No. No, I’m much more likely to stop by your house and have coffee and gossip with your wife. Which is probably at least as incriminating.


    • Actually, I bet THAT is far more incriminating. If you root through my garbage you’ll just see what we’ve eaten, and old cat litter so Yknow… have fun with THAT.


  2. Glad to see you’ve enjoyed yourself participating in Blaugust. I had fun myself even though I started to draw topics from a hat, as it were, near the end.
    Grats on getting through it.


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