First Day Back Ramblings

So my break from this blog was a LITTLE bit longer than I expected, but i’ve also been fighting off the airport plague the last couple days. I have the worst luck with that shit, seriously. Two times travelling via airline this year, both times come home absurdly sick. (I’m feeling much better now)

One of the downsides of taking a vacation away from my house is that I didn’t get to do a lot of gaming. But there was a couple days in between the end of Blaugust and today where i’ve played some things and really enjoyed myself.  My current obsession is Diablo 3 (which, btw, my wife TOTALLY predicted would happen a few weeks ago. She knows me so well). I have always really enjoyed the Diablo universe, going back to the days of college where I would stay up *way* too late playing my necromancer in Lord of Destruction and just… just being a terrible college student as a whole lol. When Diablo 3 came out over 3 years ago (holy shit) I enjoyed it, for a very short time. It didn’t have the same replayability that D2 had, and it was EXCEEDINGLY hard in the upper difficulty levels. I would eventually come back a few times and poke at it, remember just how badly I would get my ass handed to me, then walk away again for months. The reminders never took long. Then Reaper of Souls came out and changed *everything*. My witch doctor is no longer sitting on a shelf and I really enjoy the game in spurts of maybe 2-3 months, then i get a little bored, move on to something else, then the season ends and I pick it up again and play with some of the new gear and stuff and love it all over again. It’s kind of a strange cycle, but this is how I play my games.

Now that I think about it, i’m pretty cyclical about a lot of things. I’ll go through a period where I want to read the Dresden Files books again, so I do, then 6 months to a year later, i’m reading them again. I’m rereading the Mistborn trilogy right now, and thoroughly enjoying it. After I re-read those, I’ll probably re-read the Stormlight Archive books again. I tried re-reading the Wheel of Time but man… it just got so BORING. I’ve read them once, and I think that might be it for a while because Robert Jordan really REALLY loved to ramble on. They’re great books, don’t get me wrong, but gahhhh. Anyway, i’m getting sidetracked. My point is, I do a lot of things in cycles. When I am sick of D3 I will probably play something else i’ve not played in a while. It might be Skyrim again or it might be something else I haven’t decided on just yet. I’ve tried playing Rift some, where a lot of my guildies are, and generally I enjoy the game but something about it is just not grabbing me like it used to. Which makes me sad, because as I mentioned, most of my old WoW guildies are playing it these days.

Anyway. So that’s a brief look into how I do… things, I guess lol. Kind of a rambling post, but it’s my first day of blogging back after Blaugust and vacation and such. Speaking of Blaugust, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a huge thanks to Belghast for putting this event together. It really opened up my eyes, and my brain, to a whole lot of strangeness going on within myself, and let me be open in a way with a whole bunch of strangers that I never quite expected. I had forgotten how much fun blogging was, and while i’m certainly not going to be blogging every day now that it’s over, I do feel like I can keep up some kind of semi-regular schedule (barring any other major catastrophes). And a big congratulations to everyone else that participated as well. It was a lot of fun and by the time next August rolls around i’ll probably have forgotten just how difficult it was to come up with 31 days of posts, so I look forward into suckering myself into doing it again. And this badge? This is for me.



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