Dragons and More Dragons – AKA #Blaugust Day 30

This has the potential to be one of my more incoherent blog posts. Since i’m going on vacation next week I have to evolve into a “real person” schedule for a week, which means that today I get to start the fun process of migrating my sleep schedule from 9am-4pm to 11p-6a/12a-7a like normal people. I mean honestly, who DOES that?

So. If you read my rant yesterday, you may have missed the comment that  C.T. left on my blog. Basically, I had somehow MISSED the fucking release of FFT for mobile. I’m not a little bit angry that I never knew about this, but the anger is quickly chased away by thoughts of playing Tactics on my wonderful (if beaten up) tablet. I will definitely be getting this thing, and soon… And now I have ideas in my head for Skyrim character builds based on the Final Fantasy Tactics jobs. Dammit you guys, I swear.


Anyway. so as i’ve mentioned previously (at least I THINK I have anyway) i’m playing 2 (4th ed) D&D games concurrently. One of my DMs has informed us that her life has gone SUPER ABSURD CRAZY OMG so she’s going to have to take a break from our game for a while (or at least DMing it because that takes a hell of a lot of work). Which opened up the door for one of our other players to step up and be a DM for a campaign HE’S been talking about for a little while. So we got started a little bit last night. Basic concept of the world it’ll be set in (it’s also 4th ed), what class/role we might play, and so on and so forth, you get the idea. I have decided that this time I am going to play a defender (tank). I mean why not, i’ve been tanking in MMOs for the last 5 years, so it’s about time I took that to D&D right? (My other two campaigns i’m a controller and a striker, so I had to do something different. I was a healer VERY briefly before I rerolled to a barbarian, because it turned out I was effing terrible as a healer). I haven’t 100% decided yet, but I think I am going to make my defender a Battlemind. Mostly because the idea of psionic power and augment points are a FASCINATING mechanic to me, so I think i’m going to do that.

And then comes the part that I have never been great at… writing up a character story. I have to decide who my character is, and WHY my character is who he is. Blargh. Sometimes I can come up with a glimmer of a concept and then I can run with it, and that’s all fine and good. Meanwhile my wife over here has written half of the story of her character’s life up to this point somehow and i’m just staring at her with a look of both confusion and anger on my face. Not real anger of course. Just the anger that makes me want to choke her when she talks about how bad she is at roleplaying then comes up with this FUCKING AMAZING character idea and just. Yeah you get the drift.

Anyway, so that’s what my weekend has mostly consisted of. And now I get to watch some football, play some Skyrim, and try to remember how it is that normal people sleep. I probably won’t be blogging at all next week (after monday) because I will be out of town for family things. Good family things, don’t worry. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Dragons and More Dragons – AKA #Blaugust Day 30

  1. A trick that works for the spousal unit, who likes writing char backgrounds about as much as you seem to ( 😉 ), is to take each element of the character (skills, talents, whatevs) and explain how they might have come to be. Where did you learn to ride? Why X weapon skill and not Y? And so on.

    You can even steal a leaf from the FATE book and create an aspect or two for your character. You’ll never play them in AD&D — sorry, 4E D&D (I’m old-school) but simply coming up with them implies thought about who your character is and how he/she got to be that way. An “Aspect” in FATE is basically something about your character, a short phrase, which has the potential to be both good and bad. Some examples:

    Spidey: With great power comes great responsibility
    Aragorn: Exiled king of a forgotten kingdom | Ranger of the North
    Bilbo: I can’t say no to Gandalf (That one’s a bit too specific apart from the fact G has a finger in every pie in Middle-Earth) | I should have been born an Elf

    Anyway, this comment is getting too long. All of which was to say most tabletop gamers I know are crazy imaginative — some just have a harder time tapping into it outside of an actual session.


    • Man you’re not kidding. Our tabletop (if you can call it such, since we all play online lol) gets really pretty absurd. And I have to admit, i’m REALLY looking forward to how this particular guy does as a DM because he’s… Well, it’s hard to describe, but let’s just say that he’s by far one of the most creative people i’ve ever met thus far. It could be a really bad time for us lol.


      • Tabletop roleplaying: where ‘bad’ is awesome 😀

        The things we remember from our old college +10 years gaming group? The 1s. The botches in Ars Magica. Certainly not the 20s. It doesn’t hurt when the 1 follows the dwarf saying “Ha! I can only fail this poison saving throw on a 1 anyway! Pfffft!”


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