A Wild Campaign Appears

So my last post mentioned briefly that I had been preparing for a new D&D campaign with several of my friends. This will be my 3rd on-going D&D campaign, with the 2nd one taking a hiatus from DMing for a while so she can let her real life settle down. The thing is i’ve had a lot more time to prepare for this campaign, and a lot more experience to draw from, so I feel like going into THIS game is going to be a whole different experience. See the first campaign I started about… hmm maybe 4-5 years ago I guess? And it was my first time playing D&D *ever* so I really had no idea what to expect… I thought I might’ve, but I really didn’t. On top of that, since the players are scattered around the country this (and both of my other ones, honestly) are taking place exclusively online. With the first campaign we’ve used a few different tools to make it work, so there was a lot of adjustment with the various game platforms and how to make them do certain things, and so on and and so forth. So even with several other far more experienced D&D players in the group, this was a new experience to almost all of us in one way or another.

Fast forward to about a year ago (or something) with the 2nd campaign I joined. It was a spur of the moment decision and it was a campaign already in progress when my wife and I joined, so character backstory development was a little slim. Also I picked a class with almost no research into it, that I ended up not liking, or at least not being very good at (shaman). After talking a bit with the DM she was cool and let me switch roles and classes to a Barbarian, which I absolutely love, but his story is still… uncertain at best. It’s hard for me to play a character that I don’t actually know anything about sometimes, so while MECHANICALLY he’s a lot of fun to play, the roleplay aspect of him is lacking. It’s something i’d been working on, but being in the middle of a game tends to make creating a backstory even more difficult. I try not to inconvenience people with saying things like “Oh, I think I’m gonna retcon this and make this canon for how my character is” and so on and so on.

Fast forward to this campaign (our first meeting is next saturday). We’ve all known that this was definitively coming for maybe 2 months, so i’ve had time to plan out this character a lot more. I decided that I was going to be a defender (or a tank, for those less familiar with the term), which considerably narrowed down my class choices right off the bat. Fighter, Paladin, Warden, Swordmage, Battlemind, and, if built right, Barbarian (although they’re much more accepted as a striker). I’ve played in groups with a Fighter, Paladin, and Warden, and I had honestly forgotten that a Swordmage even existed… I didn’t feel like building a specific type of Barbarian, so I started looking at the Battlemind. I was already really interested in the psionic power source, so this was even more interesting to me. I spent a good bit of time looking over powers and getting ideas and planning things out and talking with the DM and I found myself writing a backstory that I *really* enjoy for this character as well. So, Battlemind it is. There’ve been several negative-type comments across the internet, but I think, overall, it’s a class i’m going to enjoy. I’ve voiced some of my concerns about it to the DM and he’s been pretty receptive and allowed me to work on things. I’m really looking forward to this. I keep asking my wife if it’s time to start the campaign yet, but she says no, it’s NEXT week.

Stupid time and stuff.


2 thoughts on “A Wild Campaign Appears

    • Y’know i’ve noticed that 4E has been pretty polarizing to a lot of people, but it’s been my only experience with D&D so I don’t know any different. What is it you didn’t like about it?


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