This Week in Boredom

One of the worst things about working overnights is that when you go on vacation to places or see people you have to readjust your sleep schedule to “real people” time. That part is easy enough, cause your body tends to want to fall into sleeping at night, but going BACK to the overnight shift is a real pain in the ass. Thusly, it’s 10am on my day off and i’m wide awake, cause I crawled into bed with my wife for a quick nap at 1:30 and the next thing I knew her alarm was going off at 7, and then i just rolled over. In hindsight, I probably should’ve tried to sleep on the couch.

Not for nothing, i’ve found myself at a loss of what I want to play lately. Don’t get me wrong, i’ve enjoyed blasting my way through  Torment X in Diablo 3, and even working my way up to GR50 (a personal best), but i’m at that odd point where I can’t really progress without replacing gear with Ancient gear, and sometimes that interests me, but sometimes it doesn’t. On top of that, i’ve also continued to try and find a way to make a Gargantuan build work with Helltooth, but it’s not easy.

Aside from D3, i’ve been spending a lot of time putting together my character for this new D&D campaign that’s starting in a couple weeks. Having known this was coming down the pipeline for quite a while now, i’ve been able to pick at my character ideas for a while, and I think i’ve come up with someone with a LOT more depth than either of my other two D&D characters. I might go into more detail about him at another time in another post. Suffice it to say though, i’m SUPER excited for this campaign to start. If you follow me on twitter, chances are you’ll be hearing more about it over the coming weeks.

There are still several games in my Steam library I haven’t touched yet, and i’m debating to myself what should be the next one I play. I’m leaning a bit towards Divinity: Original Sin, but there’s also Shadowrun Returns, and Tomb Raider… i’m a little embarrassed that I still haven’t touched that one yet. I bought the game well over a year ago, at the same time I bought Kingdoms of Amalur in the Steam Summer Sale. KoA was really an excellent game (even if you could very easily become absurdly OP about 2/3 of the way through) and I always meant to go play Tomb Raider, but I just never did for some reason. I’ll get around to it eventually. I also still need to get Dragon Age Inquisition. Seems to me that they’ve released at least 2 different DLCs for it in the year and change since it’s release, which is pretty amazing to me. I say amazing, because if 2 different DLCs come out that quickly after a game’s release, it tells me that at least one of those SHOULD have probably been shipped with the original game, but wasn’t for one reason or another. It might’ve been a money grab, or it might’ve just been a deadline decision, I don’t know. You’ll never convince me that at least one of them wasn’t intended to be part of the base game though.

I’ve also considered picking up Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas. They’re perpetually hovering around the $10 mark on Steam, and i’ve honestly never played them before, so with Fallout 4 just around the corner it might be interesting to see what i’ve been missing. Of course, I also may end up not liking it at all, but that’s generally the chance you take ANYTIME you buy a new game. But I have a certain amount of faith in Bethesda. At least enough so that $10 isn’t a huge waste of anything if I end up hating it altogether.

Y’know, it never fails to amaze me sometimes how I can sit down and talk about nothing, and still manage to churn out 600-700 words. It amazes me even more that people are actually interested in what I have to babble about. I’m not going to promise to try to be more interesting or anything like that… i’m just me. Either you enjoy what I have to say or you don’t. I may do another lore-character post next time though. We’ll see.


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