Mobile Gaming – AKA #Blaugust Day 29

It never fails to amaze me what will bring readers to my blog. Yesterday was my busiest day for blog hits in like 2 weeks. Go figure, I can’t tell what it is you guys want from me lol. Ah well. I’m just gonna keep doing my thing.

One thing i’ve never managed to mention on this blog (for SOME reason or another >.>) is mobile gaming. Now, I am lucky in that I have a full time job that requires almost no effort on my part. It also happens overnight, and has a full WiFi in-house, so pretty much any mobile game is up for grabs, even those always-online ones. One game in particular i’ve… well I was going to say that I’ve spent a lot of time on it, but that might be a bit misleading. I’ve had it on my tablet for a while, but I never spent any real long amount of time on it, but Clash of Clans. I actually don’t care much for the game tbh, but it’s something to distract me and give me 10 minutes of things to do every now and again. I can definitely appreciate what this game does, but it’s really not something that’s ever captivated me. There’s two main reasons why… First, I am absolutely *TERRIBLE* at base assaults. Just terrible. Awful. Secondly, I like the whole upgrading and designing my base a lot more, and without base assaulting (which I am, as I mentioned REALLY REALLY BAD AT) then gathering the resources to upgrade things takes forever. I’ve had the max amount of gold mines at max level for months now, but when it costs you 200k to upgrade one section of wall, it’s a really fucking slow process. So, mostly what I do is just check in on it every few hours, collect my money, repair my traps, and upgrade my one or maybe 2 wall sections until I’m broke again, then close the game. Because i’m not gonna spend money on a game that i’m so bad at and buy gold, so just… no. I’ll probably end up uninstalling it sooner or later but meh.

Aside from Clash of Clans, i’ve managed to keep Final Fantasy 4, 5, and 6 on my tablet for a long time now, and I will dig them out and futz with them on occasion. I’ve played them all so many times that I can just kind of autopilot, but they’re still pretty amazing games, so y’know… I do my thing and it entertains me. What I want to know is WHERE THE FUCK IS MY FINAL FANTASY TACTICS FOR ANDROID, SQUEENIX? IT’S BEEN 4 YEARS SINCE WAR OF THE LIONS WAS RELEASED FOR IOS, WHY CAN’T YOU JUST PORT IT OVER ALREADY GAHASLFDKJASFKLDJASKLF


I may be a little bitter about that. But honestly, if they ever DID finally decide to get off their asses and port over FFT for Android, it could probably be the only game on my tablet and I wouldn’t even care. I can do so much in that game without getting bored. It would be like my mobile version of Skyrim. Something I can do for hours untold without getting tired of it, in spite of having exhausted the storyline several times and gathered all the secrets and stuff. I think a lot of what draws me into Tactics is very similar to a lot of what’s drawn me into Skyrim. There’s SO much to do with the various classes and combinations of abilities. Not to mention, as is pretty standard for any single-player Final Fantasy game, the sheer amount of secret STUFF to find and unlock.

I just want my Tactics for Android. Come on Squeenix, make it happen already will ya?


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