This is more like a diary entry than a blog post – AKA #Blaugust Day 25

So today the Diablo 3 patch came out, and I never did manage to get my seasonsal crusader up to level 70 before the season end. That’s okay though. I’m sure i’ll get around to playing a character at some point in season 4, and with all the new set pieces and revamped old pieces (HOLY SHIT THEY FINALLY REDID THE HELLTOOTH SET FOR WITCH DOCTORS YAY!), it’ll be *awesome*.

Y’know, whenever I get around to it. Which i’m sure I will in bits and pieces at one point or another.

I sit and look at my steam list, or other places on my computer, where my other games are located and all I can do is shrug at them and then click on Skyrim. It’s not that i’m addicted to Skyrim (okay.. not SOLELY because of that), but I think it’s more because I just genuinely don’t want to play anything else. And that’s a really weird feeling for me. It may come back to my feeling of exclusively playing WoW for so long. Like I would occasionally play something not-WoW to give myself a break, but the majority of the time when I was playing WoW it was ONLY WoW, and that might have caused a part of my burnout with the game too.

For most of my life, i’ve never been an “exclusive” gamer. I’ve always played around quite a bit. Sometimes I would focus in on a game, but it was usually only until I beat it (like any of the various Final Fantasy games or something), and then i’d move on to something else, or back to something I had played before. Hell, right now i’m sitting here waiting for Diablo 3 to finish patching, and i’m just like “meh”. I actually don’t even feel like playing Skyrim right now, but I think that’s just cause I need a nap.

Please excuse the excessive babbling. This is even more babbling than usual for me. Back to normal (whatever that might be) tomorrow… Probably.


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