Daredevil – AKA #Blaugust Day 23

I got distracted by watching a (American) football game, and then finishing up the show Daredevil on Netflix. I think I’d like to talk about that show a little bit, because it left some things on my mind.

Warning: If you’ve not seen the show, there will almost certainly be spoilers here. Read on at your own risk. I don’t normally do this, but because Daredevil is still relatively new, I will put a cutaway here. Please forgive me for that.

Okay then. So, I literally just finished the last episode of Daredevil not 10 minutes ago. I have to say, first off, I was really surprised by just how fucking DARK the show was from beginning to end. I realize that being a Netflix show, Marvel had carte blanche to do with it pretty much whatever they wanted, but even still. That shit was rough at times.

The next thing that surprised me was when they killed Wesley off an episode or two before the end. He may have been a soulless bastard, but he was also one of the most well written characters on the show. Certainly better written than any of the other Evil League of Evil in that show (Madame Gao, Leland, Nobu, Fisk, Vladimir, and Sergei). And the guy who played him was absolutely phenomenal in that role too. I get why he had to die, as far as story goes, but even as much as I hated him, he was still an amazing character. Of course, that could’ve been part of the problem. Fisk is clearly the Big Bad in this show (and in Daredevil canon in general), so it wouldn’t have made any sense for him to be continually overshadowed by his batman (in other news, you wouldn’t believe how long it took me to dig out a link explaining what a batman is that DIDN’T refer to Bruce Wayne’s alter ego).

One thing that didn’t surprise me was Marvel’s use of one of the oldest tropes in story writing history. My wife even pointed out to me that she was a little disappointed in the fact that they went that direction, but I countered that they had written themselves into a corner. It was quite obvious that either Ben or Karen were going to die, so it was either write in that, or a different form of man pain (another one of the oldest tropes in story writing history). I didn’t say that stuff to excuse the situation, but more just kind of pointing it out. But I digress.

I think the biggest thing that surprised me was the fact that Fisk actually ended up in jail at the end of the last episode. I thought for sure that some kind of hocus pocus would happen and he’d end up on the streets (although, admittedly, in hiding) again. Clearly the direction they’re going to take for Season 2 (which is already in production, as I understand it) will be to have Vanessa do… something to try and break him out. And Matt will do… something to try and stop it, and probably get the shit kicked out of him in the process. It’s a formula, you see.

And so that was my take on Daredevil. I was surprised by several things, sadly unsurprised by at least one, and uncertain, at best, as to where they’re going to go in Season 2 since the main motivation is in jail, even if his girlfriend/fiance’ isn’t.


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