PC vs Console – AKA #Blaugust Day 8.

This post is going up much later than my other ones this week, mostly because I’m not sure what to write about. I guess one week is about the extent of my creativity. Or maybe not, who knows. I’m currently typing this all out on my tablet, so please forgive any oddly placed words.

I’ve been thinking about the disparity between PC gaming and console gaming. When I was younger, like most people probably, I was an exclusive console gamer. I did a little PC gaming off and on over the years, but it was only in the last 5 years or so that I pretty much gave up consoles for good. It’s not an easy choice, because there have been several good games that are exclusive to consoles. Most notably, the Final Fantasy series, which makes me sad. However, there have been moves to bringing some of the more popular older FF games to PC. A few months ago, Square-Enix announced a reboot of Final Fantasy VII (far and away the best selling game of the franchise), and it WILL be coming to PC… eventually.

The war between PC and console is silly. The PC is just superior in everything internal. And it’s upgradable. And there’s never any question of whether or not they still be backwards compatible with earlier games. But at the same time, even as expensive as consoles have gotten, they are still cheaper than any modern gaming PC, and that price point is attractive to many people. There’s also the fact that, by and large, console games tend to have a different core of games than PC does. It’s not good, bad, or ugly, it just is. There’s a good amount of overlap, but there’s also quite a bit that doesn’t.

Console and PC gamers can coexist, but it’s almost like we choose not to. We talk about the master race this, and peasant that, when it’s really just a matter of preference. PC’s have a lot of pros over consoles, and consoles have a lot of pros ever PC’s. I personally prefer the PC, but you might prefer consoles. And generally that’s ok.

Even if you’re totally wrong. ;D


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