Damn You Blizzard – AKA #Blaugust Day 9

Just when I thought I was out. Blizzard comes along and announces a lot of REALLY COOL SHIT that makes me think “Huh… maybe I will come back for Legion, at least for a while.”

Of course, it’s still early yet, but let me talk briefly about a couple of the things I find exciting. (Most of this info is going to come from the post-reveal Dev Interview found here)

The Demon Hunter Class – 

I know, and understand why, a lot of warlocks are upset about what’s happening with this class, but being a long time tank, i’m pretty effing excited about the potential this brings. The monk class, as fun as it was, never REALLY jived with me properly. I tried making it my main for a brief period in Mists, and I just think I was doing it wrong. The buttons were a lot of fun to push, but I felt extra squishy… and i’m not above the fact that I was just bad at it. But the idea of a new tank class with newish abilities and a new style is always exciting to me. Even if I end up bad at it, it intrigues me greatly.

Artifact Weapons –

Holy shit how cool is this?! I’m not sure what all the artifact weapons for each class/spec are going to be, but it’s a ridiculously cool idea. As I understand it, the concept is (relatively) borrowed from Final Fantasy XIV, but that’s okay. WoW has always been good about integrating ideas from other games into their current systems, and making them pretty successful. The one thing that concerns me… okay maybe “concerns” isn’t quite the right word, but more has me curious. If we are going to be reforging all of these wonderful and artifacts of power then how can we go forward from that? IDK about you, but if I’m playing a ret paladin with a sword reforged from the Ashbringer then I don’t see myself replacing it with a blue drop in whatever the NEXT expansion after Legion might be. Is there a chance that this is the last expansion? Who the hell knows. It could be.

Garrisons are staying in Draenor –

HOORAY.  >.> Garrisons were a cool concept but they were implemented too heavy-handedly. I think the Class Order Halls might be a good turn on this, making them useful, but not so integral to pretty much everything we’re going to do in Legion. I do hope they nerf the dogshit out of (or remove completely even) garrison missions that give gold once you move onto level 101. They just give WAY too much money, currently, to be ignored in the future by and large. And I REALLY don’t feel like trekking back to Draenor every day to check my garrisons for income.

This is most of the information we have on Draenor at this point, which is fine because the game hasn’t even gone to beta yet. (It may not even be in Alpha yet at this point, we aren’t sure). I probably am not coming back to WoW anytime soon necessarily, but I will be watching with interest as things develop to decide my actual fate with the game.


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