What Do I Play? – AKA #Blaugust Day 6

I’m sure there’s a lot to be said about someone based on their choice of class to play in a new game, but I couldn’t even  begin to tell you *what* exactly can be said about them. So i’ve decided to talk briefly about what I tend to play first, and give a little bit of my thought process behind why I pick them first.

In single player fantasy games (Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, etc) I tend to go for a mage class. I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that… well, Combat is combat. Swinging a sword is gonna be swinging a sword (or mace, or axe, or club, or whatever), but the magic system is generally where a game can really shine. Don’t get me wrong, some single player games can really do a lot with melee combat to make it interesting. One game that comes to mind there is Kingdoms of Amalur, but that’s getting sidetracked. To me, the magic system can be one of the most amazing things of a single player game. Provided it has depth to it, and doesn’t NECESSARILY follow the old D&D maxim of magic scaling. Okay, maybe it can follow that a *little* bit. By the end of the game I want to feel like a REALLY powerful mofo, but I suppose that’s true for the melee and ranged classes too. I have to give Skyrim credit for that. By the time you’re about to finish the game, your chosen combat style is generally quite powerful, provided you know wtf you’re doing. Of course, they also overbalanced certain things. Their destruction magic (the elemental skills) has a way to have zero magic cost, and that really unbalances things late in the game. Again, i’m getting sidetracked though, i’m not here to talk JUST about Skyrim. Anyway, I think one of the most diverse magic systems i’ve ever played was the one in Dragon Age Origins. It could get overpowered pretty easily in the late game (hello mana clash insta-killing ANY mage even on the hardest difficulty), but it scaled really well, and the breadth of spells was just fantastic. It really pulled off a magic system that felt amazing, useful in almost EVERY school, and really just… it let you develop your mage your way and that’s a really important thing for me.

Now then, in MMOs I tend to go a different route. Back when I first started playing MMOs I tried to play them like single player games, and started off with a mage, which lasted until about midway through Wrath of the Lich King, but it got boring for me.

And then I started tanking.

Oh man, what have I been missing? Tanking is AMAZING, and it’s something i’ve always found myself going back to in MMOs. Here lately, when I’ve ventured off into other MMOs since I quit playing WoW (or even before) i’ve found myself starting with a tank class and then moving outward from there. Hell, i’ve ALWAYS been an altoholic though. Anyway, what is it about tanking that appeals to me? Honestly… I haven’t a fucking clue. I think a part of it is that i’m a wee bit of a control freak, so I enjoy being the one who sets the tone and pace for group content. Maybe I like the idea that I am completely integral to the group in a “unique” way. Don’t get me wrong, EVERYONE is integral to the group, but nothing works without the tank. Also, for me, there’s something really awesome about being up in some really big nasty’s face while everyone else pummels it from afar/behind. It’s a great sort of theme for me. Plus, another big draw is being able to solo a lot of things that other people need help with. Sometimes I feel antisocial in MMOs, so the idea of going out and killing bosses or elites or whatever that normally need several people is very appealing to me.

Now then, back to my original point at the start of this post. What does all this say about me? Well, quite frankly, I haven’t a fucking clue, but there it is. Maybe someone else can give me some insight into all of this.


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