The Avenger of Windhelm – AKA #Blaugust Day 3

So yesterday, I mentioned the Tamriel Vault website and all of their varied and sundry Skyrim Character ideas. Well, what I had failed to mention is that I decided to enter a contest they’re holding (The rules of which can be found here). I’ve been kicking a few ideas around in my head for submitting a build to them for a long time now, and I figured “Well hell, with this contest up, no reason not to.” So, with that in mind, i’m going to do something I pretty much *never* do. I am going to share some of the writing I have done for this character. It’s nothing long, as it’s just the simple backstory. If you’re not familiar with the lore behind Skyrim or Elder Scrolls there are several references to things that you just won’t get, but that’s okay. It’s not intended to be very long. Mostly, it’s just to give a brief idea of the character’s motivations. I am just doing this as a way of putting it out there so I can look at it with fresh eyes at different times. And if anybody wants to give me suggestions on it, I am open to that as well. I can take criticism, just don’t be a dick about it. So, without further adieu, I give you:

The Avenger of Windhelm

My father served with the Bear of Eastmarch in the Great War, so naturally I was expected to join the militia as soon as I was of age, which I was more than proud to do. The retaking of Markarth was the first REAL assignment I was sent on, and what a bloody mess that turned out to be. Heroes of the war, retakers of the Reach, and how are we repaid for our loyalty to the empire? Imprisoned by the cursed Thalmor. I don’t doubt for a moment that my father’s imprisonment had little to do with Talos worship and more to do with his involvement in retaking Cyrodiil, but that doesn’t even matter anymore, both of our fathers died while we were locked away. Well, my duty to the Empire is over now, but my duty to Jarl Ulfric lives on stronger than ever. There is a fire burning inside me that I feel few men will truly understand. Skyrim will never be free of the cursed Thalmor influence until we free ourselves from the empire completely.


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